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Nominations and Awards 

Fourteen Joseph Jefferson Nominations

Joseph Jefferson Award - Design Short Run for Who's Holiday at Theatre Wit

oseph Jefferson Award - Best Scenic Design Midsized Theatre for Seascape at Remy Bumppo Theatre

Wilde Award - Scenic Design for Two Gentlemen of Verona at Michigan Shakespeare Festival

As a student - Graduated with College Honors and was selected to present at USITT Young Designer's Forum. 

Captain Blood
"The action plays out on a massive timber-and-rope ship skeleton masterfully crafted by scenic designer Angela Weber Miller. Miller has created an ingenious way to stage people falling (or being tossed) overboard – no matter how many times it happens, it’s funny as heck. The set doubles as a screen for Erin Pleake’s projection design, which takes the audience from leafy plantation, to bustling town to ocean swells. "  Chicago Theater Beat

Doctor Seward's Dracula
"It's atmospheric for sure. Angela Weber Miller's set features sickish-green peeling walls that almost feel alive — unhealthy, but alive."  Chicago Tribune

Jeeves Takes a Bow
"Angela Miller's set is a cunning and thoughtful exercise in casual art deco chic."  Chicago Tribune

Fooling Buddha
""Fooling Buddha" is also handsomely designed. Angela Weber Miller's sets fold out like an oversize cabinet of curiosities to reveal key locations in Kovac's early life, including his family's dated kitchen, the magic shop and his school."  Daily Herald

A Class Act
"The meticulous detail of Porchlight’s creative team is quite literally all over this vivid staging. Some of the most satisfying surprises are created by Angela Weber Miller’s highly visual set."  New City Stage


The Rainmaker
"Indeed, that balance between the need for dreams and for solid lasting connections runs throughout First Folio's production, expressed physically in Angela Weber Miller's set, which features a lattice-work cutaway wall for the Curry home — strong beams interspersed with open spaces that let in light, air and the possibility of a good nourishing downpour for parched souls."  Chicago Tribune

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